Automation of acceptance of documents for training

QForm solution for automating the document intake process
A handy tool that will simplify the document collection process and minimize possible errors
Automation of acceptance of documents for training Automation of acceptance of documents for training Automation of acceptance of documents for training

Advantages of Acceptance Forms

Database with online access of different users
User analytics
Access variability in case of multiple branches
Exclusion of banned messengers and emails from the document acceptance process
Compliance 152 ФЗ
Reduction of filling errors
<span>Advantages of Acceptance Forms</span>

Contents of the form

Place the fields in the required order, set the settings, mark mandatory fields. This will save time and avoid errors - the user will provide the necessary data in the correct order and volume.

Scenarios for the work of the forms

The logic of the form depends on the purpose of the training - a single course separately for an employee or department, or different areas and specialties are chosen.

A set of documents

Depending on the selected answer, the user will see which package of documents is required to be uploaded for the application, or will receive a corresponding notification in the mail

Sorting of applications

Sorting of requests and flexible export settings will allow you to upload data in the required format. For example, you can create a register of contracts for a selected period for specific clients and training programs.

Integrations with mailing list services

This will allow users to be notified about the acceptance of applications and the stages of document review.

If necessary, the mailing can be finalized to send users access to personal offices of the education platform, contract files or invoices.

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