Automation of personal data processing system (FL 152)

QForm solution allows you to quickly and securely process personal data of citizens (full name, education, work experience, etc.)

You will be able to collect personal information on your website without fear of fines. QForm will take care of all your personal data handling needs

Automation of personal data processing system (FL 152) Automation of personal data processing system (FL 152) Automation of personal data processing system (FL 152)

Benefits of QForm's automation of the PDN processing system

Data storage in Russia
Protection against potential threats and unauthorized access to PDs
Fast processing of large volumes of personal data
All necessary documents, including the data processing policy for the site
Full compliance with 152-FL "On Personal Data" (QForm is entered in the RKN register as a data controller)
<span>Benefits of QForm's automation of the PDN processing system</span>

Logbook of personal data carriers

All media shall be strictly accounted for and recorded in the appropriate logbook with a designation of responsibility.

Any organization that collects personal data should have such a log, even if it uses only one medium (computer hard drive).

Journal of personal data carriers issuance

The PD media issuance log records the receipt and delivery of any media by specific users.
For example, this may be replacing a hard disk drive, issuing a laptop with an information database to an employee, or handing over the device when an employee who works with data is dismissed.

Journal of personal data subjects' appeals registration

Any appeal of the subject of personal data processing must be registered in such a register together with the response (which must be given within 30 days).

For example, if a person has requested that their personal information be changed or deleted.

Logbook of briefing of employees authorized to access personal data

Organizations-operators are obliged to provide briefings to employees admitted to work with personal data, regardless of the method of processing personal data, regardless of the 152-FL. In addition, they must keep a briefing log.

Journal of internal control over compliance with the data protection regime

The company should conduct regular scheduled inspections to ensure that the processing of personal data of job applicants and site visitors is properly complied with. The number of checks may reach 11 per year (monthly + quarterly). Each of them is registered in a separate log. Automated means of personal data processing simplify this.

Documents on internal control over processing of personal data

Each activity on internal control over the processing of personal data is carried out in accordance with the inspection plan for the year, which is approved in advance.
The person in charge at the time of the inspection must complete these documents:

  • "The logbook of inspections in the field of personal data protection";
  • "Protocol of internal audits of compliance control over the processing of PD";
  • "Log of detected violations". It is filled in if any discrepancies are detected. An act is drawn up for each violation.

Action Plan

The Regulation on Processing and Protection of Personal Data specifies how often audits are conducted to monitor compliance with the processing of personal data. By law, they must take place at least once a month.
Companies that ignore them or fail to log them face fines and the imposition of additional fees.

Forms for acceptance of the document

Organizations are required to maintain documentation, including various logs, to comply with the Personal Data Law.
QForm implements processes for automated processing of personal data under 152-FL in the organization, with which it is easier to train employees and maintain the logs required by the law.

After consenting to the automated processing of personal data, a workspace with templates of necessary documents and forms for filling them out is organized for the company.

Unified reference list

The documents required for filling out are displayed in a single list of links. Each of them leads to a form.
All necessary forms to be filled in periodically will be kept at hand, with a signature, when, how often and under what conditions they should be filled in.

Printing of paper magazines

The automated method of personal data processing is also an opportunity to conveniently and easily keep paper records of personal data processing.
Files from the logs can be uploaded to a table template, customizing the period and fields, and then print the table and attach it to the rest.

Different types of file integrations

Due to the automated system of personal data processing, file integrations can be connected to each form. For example, when filling in the form on passing the briefing, a separate document of the order on the employee's access to personal data will be created and an entry will be left in the employee's briefing log.

Access rights

The automated personal data system allows assigning a level of access in space to each of the participants in the process of controlling the processing of personal data.
You can grant access to view and download documents, read journal entries, and invite other participants.

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