Automation of work with the complaint

The Qform solution is a system that will ensure the accounting of complaints, adjust the return of goods and services without errors

This is a convenient tool that automates the receipt and processing of claims from buyers

Automation of work with the complaint Automation of work with the complaint Automation of work with the complaint

Advantages of QForm forms for returning goods

Full and detailed product statistics
Uploading refund applications sorted by filters
Reports on products that are most often returned
Issue and return accounting log in a convenient format
Rejection of printed and scanned applications
Photo-confirmed information from the buyer
<span>Advantages of QForm forms for returning goods</span>

Fast and convenient

The claim form can be integrated into your website or accessed via a separate link

Buyers will not have to search, download or scan the application form. They will be able to fill out an application in their personal account.

Automation of receiving data on the return of goods

The form is thought out individually for your products and requirements. To send it, the buyer must fill in all the required fields.

This will allow you to get full information about the shortcomings of the goods and reasonable reasons for the return.

If necessary, each reason will be backed up with photos. This will help to establish accounting for the return of defective goods.

Personal account for processing applications

Convenient analytics and the ability to upload reports

Restrictions on access rights

We will implement forms and automate your work processes
from 5000 ₽/month*
*The cost is calculated
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