Automation of equipment inspection in production

The QForm solution allows you to conveniently fill in data and track the status of any equipment without wasting time working with paper documents
This allows you to keep up-to-date on the condition of machines and equipment, know what needs to be repaired and where parts need to be replaced to ensure smooth operation and safe production
Automation of equipment inspection in production Automation of equipment inspection in production Automation of equipment inspection in production

Advantages of the automation system for the management company

Creation of acts of fixation of violations or inspections of production equipment, premises
Violation analytics
Online statistics
Quick access to the inspection form via QR code
Simplicity and speed of data entry
Flexible configuration of forms for specific requirements
<span>Advantages of the automation system for the management company</span>

How a QR code works

A QR code pasted on equipment or information stands allows employees to quickly access the equipment inspection form and fill in the required information. Scanning the code will open the form for filling in the logbook. You can use both the general form and a separate form for each inventory number.

Convenient format

QR codes can be stored in the form of a laminated card and put in the glove compartment of the car, or used as a tag or a sticker.

Individual forms

Creating a separate form for each piece of equipment eliminates incorrect entries. Each log will contain inspection records for a specific unit or machine.

When using a generic form, the name and number of the equipment being inspected can be entered automatically via QR code, eliminating the possibility of error.

CRM or e-journal

All data is collected in an electronic logbook (CRM), which provides convenient access to information. Filters can be set up to quickly find the required data by inspection date, shop or department name, specific equipment. The responsible person or mechanic at the site can confirm maintenance and generate the necessary tables and documents directly from the phone.

Participant access

All employees can be organized into workspaces and set authorizations to work with forms. This allows you to control access to information and ensures data security.

Downloading and analyzing verification data

All inspection data can be exported from QForm CRM to a pre-created spreadsheet template, eliminating the need to fill it in manually. You can also analyze the data there.

Handwritten signature field

After verification, the employee signs the form on the screen of a smartphone or tablet, and at that moment the system automatically generates a QR code. This code, along with the application, gets into the CRM. Having scanned it, one can see the results of the check and accurately identify the responsible employee. This approach prevents the possibility of data falsification in the logs and ensures a high level of security.

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