Automation of fire safety checks

The QForm solution helps organizations monitor the state of fire safety systems and comply with regulations

It simplifies logging and documentation

Automation of fire safety checks Automation of fire safety checks Automation of fire safety checks

Advantages of Fire safety inspection forms

Convenience and flexibility in use
There is no need for paper media
Fast data collection
Secure storage and transfer of information
<span>Advantages of Fire safety inspection forms</span>

Link to the verification form

Place the generated QR code with a link to the QForm form in the right place (on the information stand, fire shield, fire extinguisher)

Pre-filling forms

Stickers with QR codes can be placed on any item that relates to the accounting of fire protection

When scanning the code, one of two forms will open:

  • the individual form of this object;
  • a general form with the pre-filled name of the object, its inventory number and other data.

Online CRM Magazine

Applications sent via QForm forms get into CRM (online magazine). Here it is possible to sort them by filters, change the verification status

A tabular file is created for each application, which can be downloaded or printed. The file is updated and contains up-to-date information about the equipment check sent from the form

Digital handwritten signature

In the handwritten signature field, you can encrypt the data sent to the fire safety audit log and associate it with a digital signature

This will avoid tampering with the data in the logs and accurately identify the person responsible for the verification.

Uploading the Verification log table

You can flexibly configure the columns and contents in the tables with the upload of verification data: select the period, the status of the fire safety check, responsible for it

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