Automation of production requests

A solution for receiving and processing applications for the release of any goods: industrial or food

It will establish communication both within the enterprise and with partners to reduce the volume of document flow and improve the quality of customer service

Automation of production requests Automation of production requests Automation of production requests

Advantages of production applications from QForm

Convenience of application formation
Ability to distribute orders by departments
Status tracking and order fulfillment control
Creating reports on completed applications
Increasing the speed of order fulfillment
Integration with external services
<span>Advantages of production applications from QForm</span>

Application by link

Invite the customers of your products to go to the form using the QR code by clicking on a short link or by going to a specific page of the site. Choose the method that is convenient for you.

Calculation of parameters and prices

The Calculator field automatically calculates the amount, dimensions, weight and other product parameters. Customers fill out the form and see the results of calculations even when forming orders.

Export to CRM and ERP

Integration capabilities allow you to configure the export of orders to various accounting systems, and receive notifications about them in the messenger. In the program "1C:Enterprise" can be configured to create an order at the time of sending the application, or after the operator assigns it the status.

Inventory management

Many ERP and CRM systems support accounting and reserve of materials and raw materials for production. QForm, if necessary, calculates its quantity to order and reserves it in stock.

Roles and access rights

Divide the roles between the group members to organize the work and avoid confusion with orders. Control access to applications and documents, allowing only some participants to view them. This will ensure the safety and security of the data.

Quick document creation

For production employees in QForm, it is possible to create the necessary documents according to a template. They can quickly form an order order and download it. This will speed up the preparation for production and reduce the likelihood of errors.

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