Automation of purchase requisitions

Simplify requisitioning and processing with QForm
The bulk purchase form will help reduce time and simplify the work of managers, sales, accounting, production and management teams
Automation of purchase requisitions Automation of purchase requisitions Automation of purchase requisitions

Benefits of QForm Purchase

Online statistics
Saving time for sending applications and processing them
Transparency in operations
Simplified process control
Convenience for your customers
Corrections to online application fields, link remains the same
<span>Benefits of QForm Purchase <br>Requisitions</span>

Data collection

All requests from customers are automatically entered into the internal CRM system. This is convenient for both parties, as it saves time and reduces the risk of data loss.

Filling in the purchase order form

The structure of the form fully corresponds to the usual form of the order for the supply of goods, so customers will have no difficulties in filling it out.

Amount calculator

Field variability

The form designer has all the necessary fields to create the required form logic. If necessary, the values entered in the fields can be used for calculation - for example, the total price of an order or cargo places.

Data source

If the product catalog is represented as an XML file, physical or as a link - it can be used as the content of the fields of the bulk purchase form.
Products available for selection will be automatically loaded into the form and will become available for product selection in the corresponding fields.

Read more about the application

In the CRM system it is easy to see the data received, supporting documents, integrations with other services, as well as to track the status of each request and the history of changes.

Document generation

Requests can be uploaded to a .doc or .xls file, as well as to 1C to create a bill of lading. You can do it manually to generate documents instantly, or automatically with a specified periodicity or assigning the required status to a request.

Export applications

The CRM system allows you to get a ready-made summary according to a specified template. To do this, you select the period and fields to be uploaded to Excel. The amounts and number of orders can be calculated automatically.

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