Verification of the candidate by the security service

QForm provides a convenient and reliable way to collect information about candidates, including their personal data, education, work experience

This speeds up the selection process, as it allows the security service to effectively evaluate each applicant and make informed decisions

Verification of the candidate by the security service Verification of the candidate by the security service Verification of the candidate by the security service

Advantages of Candidate verification forms from QForm

Minimizing risks in the selection of candidates
Saving time and costs when hiring staff
Thorough inspection
Improving company security
A single place for storing and processing data
Ensuring confidentiality
<span>Advantages of Candidate verification forms from QForm</span>

Data collection

Information can be obtained through a form on your own website or through a special QForm page accessible by direct link or QR code.

Compliance with 152-Federal Law

Verification of candidates involves working with personal data. QForm fully complies with the requirements of 152 Federal Law of the Russian Federation "On Personal Data" and can act as an Operator or Processor of personal data, or transfer this task to you.

All operations with personal data performed through QForm have been legally verified, and the agreements can be changed or supplemented in accordance with the needs of each user.

Uploading files

Resumes and scans of official documents are sent through a special field. A selection of extensions and file types that can be attached is available. This will ensure the accuracy and correctness of the data being sent. All files are attached to the application in CRM, they can be downloaded or exported to other services.

Confirmation of the candidate

To collect photos of candidates, you can use the < capture > tag. It allows you to get an image directly from the device's camera, which eliminates the possibility of substitution.

List of candidates

All questionnaires fall into a simple and convenient CRM. In it, you can easily find each application or group of applications, change or correct any information about them, export data to tables or transfer to other systems.

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