Automating the creation of contracts

QForm is a convenient constructor for creating contracts and documents of varying complexity: from basic to multi—level

It will help you create a document for a specific situation based on the template you need

Forget about mountains of folders and forms, automate the collection of information and the development of documentation

Automating the creation of contracts Automating the creation of contracts Automating the creation of contracts

Advantages of QForm forms for creating contracts

Quick preparation and approval of documents
The ability to change and customize contract templates
Reducing errors when creating and signing documents
Internal CRM system for accounting and storing contracts
Reliable protection against falling into the wrong hands
<span>Advantages of QForm forms for creating contracts</span>

Data collection

Collect data from potential customers, partners, contractors, and employees in the QForm CRM system. They get there through the feedback form or by manually entering them by the operator in the personal account

Document Designer

An intuitive editor is built into QForm. Use it to edit document templates and place special labels.
After the request is received, the tags are automatically replaced with the data entered by the user. As a result, you will receive a completed document.

Signing the document

Automate the signing of documents using the digital handwritten signature (CPR) field. The user will be able to leave a signature directly on the form and it will be used in the document as a facsimile. This will significantly speed up the approval of contracts and give them the necessary legal force

File Storage

The created contracts are stored together with the applications in CRM QForm. The created documents can be viewed, downloaded or re-generated at any time if their data has changed

Register of contracts

In addition to creating the contract files themselves in QForm, it is possible to create a general register of contracts and upload a summary file. The logic, periods and conditions for entering contracts into the file can be adjusted as necessary.

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