Automation of surveys and questionnaires for students

QForm solution for testing and collecting information from students

This will save university and college staff from manual work and reduce the number of errors

Automation of surveys and questionnaires for students Automation of surveys and questionnaires for students Automation of surveys and questionnaires for students

Benefits of QForm surveys
and questionnaires

Convenient format for collecting information
Analyzing results by courses, groups, instructors
Variability of access to data and survey results
Eliminating banned messengers and emails from student interactions
Compliance with 152 Federal Law
Ease of working with a large number of students at the same time
<span>Benefits of QForm surveys <br>and questionnaires</span>

Shape options

With QForm you can create any type of surveys, questionnaires and tests through a variety of field types: single choice, multiple choice, text responses. This allows you to customize the form for any purpose and get more input from students.

Analyzing the responses

Upon completion of testing, the results of answers can be visualized by any criterion - age, gender, faculty of respondents. Distribution of key questions can also be visualized in the form of pie charts or histograms.

After filling out the questionnaire, the results can be viewed in an easy-to-analyze form, where they can be sorted by criterion - age, gender, faculty. Graphs and diagrams with the dynamics of answers will help to assess the quality of education, level of knowledge and highlight the problems of students.

Export to tables

QForm allows you to export the data obtained. This can be a table with answers for each student, or a summary report on a pre-prepared template for general analysis of the results.

Convenient format

For students' convenience, the forms can be divided into several sections (steps). It is also possible to fill them out on mobile devices, for example, during a quiz in class. This makes the process faster and easier.

Compliance with the Law
on Personal Data

QForm fully complies with the requirements of the 152-FZ. If necessary, the service can act as a personal data operator or properly execute a personal data processing agreement for an educational institution.

All data submitted to QForm is processed by a Russian legal entity, and the servers are located in Russia.

We will implement forms and automate your work processes
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