A new look at internal processes
A modern tool for automating work in your company. Add various forms and implement them into your business processes. Save employees' time by freeing them from routine paperwork. This will improve the service and increase the loyalty of partners, customers and other market participants.
Data collection using forms and quizzes
In Qform builder you can add any fields you need and get a form for your purposes: a request for delivery of goods or a feedback form, a survey, a questionnaire, a statement and more. Qform will become a simple and powerful tool for saving time.
Processing in my personal cabinet
Use a mini-CRM that will simplify the processing of applications. Many form builders limit free rates to sending data to mail or by number of applications, sites. Google Forms and its analog from Yandex offer only sending to mail.
Integration with your usual systems
Connect CRM, messengers or E-mail and SMS distribution system so that you don't lose a single client. And with Qfom's internal CRM, it's easy to monitor the status of requests and the work of managers.
Formatting and design
You can test the form before it hits the page. The builder displays the view of the feedback form for your site online. This allows you to change its look and content on the fly.
You'll be kept up to date with requests: real-time notifications. It is also convenient to monitor managers: a notification will come if a request goes unanswered for too long. Notifications are sent to your e-mail, messenger or social network.
Processing and analyzing responses from the form
Users leave requests on the site, which can be processed in the mini-CRM. The application has statuses for processing requests, comments, and the ability to separate access rights. This will simplify the work of managers and organize bases without third-party programs.
We will implement forms and automate your work processes