Field types
You can combine fields of any type depending on the purpose of data collection and the type of form.
Type of fields
Each form element can be customized by specifying the size and degree of rounding, as well as the appearance of fields when hovering and filling .
Detailed field customization
Functionality that will help the user to fill in the data correctly: specify the title, add text inside the field and additional text, mark fields that are mandatory.
Customizing prompts and warnings
Possibility to customize data entry mask or notification during validation. Information in applications will be reduced to the required format.
Uploading files
It will be possible to send images, documents or videos using the fields to add files.
Sending notifications
You will instantly learn about new applications. We will connect Telegram, Vk, e-mail to receive notifications.
Sorting of applications
Search for the required requests through search or by setting conditions in the filter panel. Monitor the processing of requests by tracking and changing their status.
Export to file
Upload all requests or only sorted ones to a tabular file. For example, for further loading into CRM.
Compliance with the law on PD
Our service is accredited as a personal data controller and consent to process personal data is already set up for all forms by default. You can change it completely if you wish.